MontaRibbons v.7.0 - Full Wizard to create ribbons in Microsoft Access

This is the first tool in the world, developed in Ms Access, for the configuration and creation of custom ribbons.  It was planned with all the resources needed to build ribbons, in a fast and fun way. It also has a mechanism that assists in the writing of the XML used, avoiding typos and having to memorize names of controls and attributes.

Watch the video classes offered here and start using MontaRibbons! With this, you will be able to develop ribbons and will have a different classification on the market!

Using ribbons, you'll be providing a better design to your application , increasing sales of its products and services ,and may even raise prices, with absolute safety

See an image of MontaRibbons:

Assistant ribbons for Access 2007 and Access 2010

As you edit the XML, you will have the immediate result of the ribbon that is being developed.

Must I have some experience with XML?

None! While studying the articles and video classes, you will become familiar with the controls and attributes used, without having to memorize anything, because MontaRibbons is responsible for writing XML.

What is the difference between your wizard and others?

My wizard, besides being an excellent assembly tool, is also a learning tool. Unlike other wizards, MontaRibbons puts you in direct contact with the XML so that you become familiar with writing and with the architecture used. So it’s the only real tool that you can find on the market, and that will help you learn.

Everything you need in one place.

That's right, all you need in one place! As an example, we have access to the image gallery and the list of names of all the internal controls of the Office.

See in the figure, the access to the image gallery:

Assitente ribbons para o Access 2007/2010

You will be getting a complete package to learn.

By acquiring MontaRibbons you'll be taking a complete educational package, with videos classes and articles included. And when I release new videos and articles, you will receive the updates.

Watch the videos in this screen:

Videos class on how to create ribbons

The articles screen:

Articles on how to create ribbons


Does it work for Access 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365 - 32 bits and 64 bits ?

Yes! This version of MontaRibbons was reshaped to meet the new requirements of the ribbons development, mainly to meet the personalization of the File button area (backstage), as you can see below:

Ribbons - using the tag backstage

With the new backstage control of the XML, we can then reshape the entire area of the File button, if we wish.

What is the value of the License Agreement for MontaRibbons ?

The value is US$35.00

How do I buy?

Click here to open the purchase screen.

Note: Download and test the application before making the purchase.

Can I try before buying?

Yes! You can test it for some time before the block. The videos, articles and Export button will be accessible only for those who acquire the License Agreement for MontaRibbons

* Office 2010 must be updated with the package SP2 (Service Pack 2 provides the latest updates to the application package Office 2010). If it’s not updated, visit the link below to make the package download.

If I buy MontaRibbons will I be entitled to some assistance?

Yes, by email.

And the updates, do I have to pay for them?

All updates are free, including new articles and videos class

When I purchase a License to use MontaRibbons, will I be able to install it on multiple machines?

You can install the same License on two computers. One on the  notebook, and one at work, for example.

If I have to format my computer, do I lose my license?

You won't lose your license. Just need to click on the button register on MontaRibbons and write your e-mail and your birth date, and your license will be given to you online.

I still have some doubts. How can I get in touch with you?

Click here to open the contact screen and send your doubts.

Keep track of articles and videos:

The video classes here have a basic structural view about ribbons, and are to open your mind to understand everything that can be done with this easy programming



Article and Video 1

Brief presentation of MontaRibbons
Structural concept of the XML used
How to disable all the upper ribbon of the Access
Using images from the Office’s gallery
Using internal controls of the Office
Customizing the quick toolbar
Customizing the Office Button
How to create a custom ribbon

Article and Video 2

Setting the control splitButton
Setting the control menu
Differences between the controls splitButton and menu
Exporting the ribbons for your applications
How to give functionality to the buttons on the ribbon

Article and Video 3

Changing the controls at runtime, using the attributes gets
How to configure the ribbon for the language exchange
How to hide / disable the buttons on the ribbon, depending on the User logged


Article and Video 4

Using external images (GIF, JPEG e PNG)

Article and Video 5


Images (GIF, JPEG, PNG e ICO) taken from the attachment type field 

Article 6


Article 7

Combobox and Dropdown, in practice



 Read some testimonials about MontaRibbons

JBSR (Brazil)
11/18/2021 19:26:14

MontaRibbon is one of the best applications for the assembly of the 'Fluent Ribbon’, not only because of the cost, but because of the ease with which it is operated, and the structural visualization of the code, which allows not only creating the ribbons, but understanding how they work. I have not found another application that could compete directly with MontaRibbon.

Adélio da Costa Gonzaga (Brazil)
11/03/2021 19:32:54

MontaRibbons is one of the best tools I've used so far! In my office, any management control is done in Access and developed by myself. I migrated to Office 2007 fascinated by the structure of XML Ribbons, especially by the possibility to assign permissions to users through inactivation of Ribbons. All my structure depends on the Ribbons, so I was developing the XML by myself. Until I’ve found out MontaRibbons.

João Martins - Joinville/SC (Brazil)
10/25/2021 20:11:50

Dear Avelino, I am not an expert of Access, but I’ve spent years looking for someone with your knowledge, but this knowledge is worthless if it is between four walls. Fortunately you share your knowledge with layman like me, which shows his entrepreneurial skills. I purchased MontaRibbons, and my limited knowledge in Access increased. I’m a volunteer to an NGO, Residents Association, and MontaRibbons along with the site and its valiant detachment have contributed much to the community here, that somehow puts MontaRibbons in a superior level when comparing to the competitors alike

Ricardo - Porto (Portugal)
10/15/2021 21:06:33

MontaRibbons is an excellent learning tool for beginners and even advanced users that are familiar with the use of the Fluent Ribbons from Access 2007-2010. I would like to express my appreciation for your excellent work. His tutorials and examples are a source of learning for Access, rare in Portuguese on the Internet. Congratulations!

Matheus Vittorio - Roma (Italy)
09/13/2021 21:50:32

MontaRibbons is a very good application, and easy to use. The only problem is the size of the font used, which for those with visual difficulty becomes difficult to use. There could be a command that increases the font, to make it easier to read in the columns. Everything else is excellent. Congratulations, Avelino

Maurício dos Santos (Brazil)
09/04/2021 22:18:05

When Access 2007 was released, one of the difficulties that developers have found was to create ribbons, as they would have to write all the code of the ribbon in XML, which at the time, few knew how to.
Now, our friend Avelino, created the best tool for assembling Ribbons in Access 2007/2010.
The ease in develop and implement a ribbon and the productivity gains in the development of this software are impressive.
Avelino congratulations for the excellent work

David Brigido - Lisboa (Portugal)
08/29/2021 22:55:38

It makes some time that i time Some time ago I used to use third-party tools to build the xml code for my ribbons, but it consumed a very long time, not to mention that language was a main factor. Since the first contact with v.1 of MontaRibbons the increase of performance at the time of designing interface has been enormous, because only a few "click's" and the entire structure is done, and we can test it in real time!
When the v.2 is available for testing did not think twice ... a tool with this cost-benefit is not seen around!
Avelino, Congratulations!

Jacir (Brazil)
07/21/2021 00:21:39

Congratulations, Avelino. MontaRibbons is very easy to use and we got very positive results. Another important subject is the support. A quick service and that solves any doubt that we have with the use. Again, congratulations for the software.

Luiz Carlos Beraldo, Curitiba, PR (Brazil)
06/21/2021 00:26:29

Mount Ribbons is a great tool - I was able to practice using it in the development of custom applications in MS Access 2007, providing functionality and appearance in a professional level.
Another advantage of using this and other tools developed by Avelino is that it also supports the product, which is not always what happens with other developers. There are also updated versions, which provide us with the latest enhancements introduced by Microsoft, still only at Beta.
The return of the investment is really safe!

Ricardo Barbosa (Brazil)
06/17/2021 07:58:30

MontaRibbons is impressive, before using it I had no idea how to use XML, then after the video lessons and a few hours with the tool it is possible to create a complex ribbon, and I could count on the support, that Avelino solves any doubt in minutes.
I am fully satisfied.

Eduardo Miyatake (Brazil)
06/05/2021 06:18:42

I purchased 2 copies of the program MontaRibbons, one to use at home and one for my workplace. It has helped me in setting up screens in access, difficulty for most programmers that spend a long time for their development... Its ease of use in the assembly of the menus and buttons of features coupled with their implementation is one of its most important features. I would like to congratulate Avelino for the creation of MontaRibbons, that much has helped us develop the screens and on the tips of the module user permissions features, very interesting and important. Avelino, Congratulations, thank you and continue with this and other projects and tips for our dear ACCESS.

William Silva Paiva (Brazil)
05/04/2021 16:57:42

MontaRibbons has helped me and surprises me every day with its functions, how it is practical, easy to use and provides a professional look to my applications and helps us have a vision of what is the xml ... very good, I can say it was a great idea, Avelino ...

Wolmar Moraes (Portugal)
05/27/2021 08:18:09

Fantastic! The best tool I have found to study access. Your tutorials are great.
Simple and direct. Even if you’re not an advanced programmer in access, you will end up understanding it and giving your programs a very professional look.