Step 1

Click on the button Buy Now and buy MontaRibbons by PayPal

The value is US$15.00

Download and test the application before making the purchase.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Step 2

After the payment, send your birth date (mm/dd/yyyy) to:


Step 3

After you receive my confirmation e-mail about the payment (This procedure can take around 24 hours), follow the steps to register MontaRibbons:

1- Click on the button register in the montaribbons

Registry MontaRibbons


2 - Write your e-mail and birth date (mm/dd/yyyy)

3 - Click on Save and wait some seconds.

key MontaRibbons


If you can't make your register online, click on the option ''offline", and send me ,by e-mail , the key number, so I can send you your License number.  


key MontaRibbons


Type the registration number received and click Save.


Save registry MontaRibbons